Total control is excercised from fibre selection to spinning, stranding and rope making.

Tests which are compulsorily conducted:

  1. Chemical condition of Fibre, Yarn and Rope at different stages.
  2. Yarn size control and verification.
  3. Diameter and density checks for uniformity and correct density.
  4. Lubricant absorption in the rope.
  5. Checks of lay length and lay angle.
  6. All test samples are drawn under tension specified by ISO 4345 and chemical and physical analysis is done under procedures specified by ISO and DIN.

Some customers require a compression test to be carried out for which facilities have been created, to meet customer's specifications.

We have been able to unify at CRW all the skills and facilities for producing world class products which is reflected in growing export shipments to diverse destinations across the globe.

Our own yarns

One of our greatest strength is our own spinning facility for hard fibres like Sisal & Manila and own Extrusion line for Polypropylene fibre film and monofilament. This gives us total flexibility and access to inputs of choice.

The technology adopted is the knowledge of correct core construction, in process control and building up the adequate facilities to achieve a high standard in quality. To the best of our knowledge this kind of a total approach is not available anywhere as most other companies manufacture a wide variety of products whereas we concentrate on a specialized field as ours.

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