Fibre cores are a sophisticated extension of the fibre rope making process. Stringent specifications have to be achieved. The fibre core rope has to be made suitable to the end application of the Steel Rope of which it is an integral part. The technology of fibre core rope making begins from the fibre selection, yarn spinning, lubrication and final core rope construction. This springs from a deep understanding of the subject. This technology is wedded to the skills of making a good rope itself.

Understanding this subject and translating it into a suitable product is the real technology of this industry.

At CRW the opportunity of working closely with the Steel Rope Industry in different countries, has given us the exposure to the finer aspects of needs of steel rope makers world-wide.

CRW is probably the only Company which has had the opportunity to deal with Wire Rope Manufacturers across all continents from Australia, Asia, Europe, North & South America and Africa as also Wire Rope making experts from across the world.

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