Our Product Lines:

  • Cores for Steel Rope
    (Sisal, Polypropylene & Jute)
  • Carpet Grade Yarns and Twines for Sisal Carpets-Dyed/Undyed.

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Reliable Fibre Core for Wire Rope

At CRW we have understood the subtleties of constructing Fibre Cores for varied end applications.

Our products include Cores from Sisal / Polypropylene / Jute (Dry or Prelubricated).

Fibre Core with tolerance on diameter and density of +2%, - 2% for Elevator applications i.e. highly uniform cores for Steel Wire Rope are our speciality. These are being appreciated the world over by Wire Rope makers. These can be constructed in 3 or 4 Strand construction with right lay or left lay.

Linear densities (weight per metre) can be made to suit customer preferences. Soft, Medium and Hard cores are easily constructed.

Prelubricated Cores with fluid lubricants and hot melt lubrication involving process of application directly onto the fibre at the spinning stage or applying lubricant during rope making.
We are familiar with lubricants like Ironsides, Cortex, Nyrosten (T-55, N113, N65, etc.), Elaskon, Amoalin, N55, KR10, etc.


In Steel Wire Ropes Elevator, Oil Drilling, Marine, Aerial, Winding, Friction (Koepe) Winders, Haulage, Logging and General Engineering.

Construction of Cores:

3 or 4 or 4+ 1 strands - right hand lay or left (as required). In 4 Strand Cores center strand is inserted to support the outer strands, by mutual agreement.

Linear Density: Runnage to suit customers specs.


From 4 mm upwards in diameter steps as required by customer or steps of 0.25 mm. Tolerance : as agreed mutually.

Lay: Can be right or left hand from 2.8 x D upto 4.0 x D.

Presentation and Packing:

65 kg / 150 kg / 300 kg Net or more on sea-worthy sturdy pinewood and steel combination reels. On cross wound coils up to 100 kgs. Rope splices not allowed. Splices in strands are allowed.

Other Products:

  • Sisal and Manila Rope
    Hawsers, Cable-laid, Shroud-laid, Plain, Rot-proofed, Tarred
  • Tarred Marline
  • Sisal & Manila Twines for carpet and general applications

    We also make SISAL, MANILA & JUTE Ropes to BS, DIN & Customer Specification 6 mm to 40 mm Dia.

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